Stickley Travel Grant

Elnora Harman Stickley IMTA Travel Grant Application

  • All current IMTA board members, including local association presidents, are eligible to apply. If a member of the Board of Trustees is also serving a position on the IMTA Board, then he/she is still eligible to apply for a Stickley grant, but will excuse himself/herself from the deliberations. Student competitors who will be competing in the national competitions are also eligible.
  • This includes: 1. MTNA performance competitions winners from the East Central Division, who then must travel to the national conference for the finals. 2. MTNA composition winners who must travel to the national conference to present their winning composition and accept their award. (These national winners are known prior to the national conference.) 3. Other student finalists or winners who must travel to the national conference as part of their obligation to MTNA; for example, the MTNA Studio Fellowship winner.
  • This application must be submitted by 5pm ET on January 31, 2018.