Standing Committees

Standing committees are those that manage and maintain the various state programs. Only the chair/coordinator is a member of the IMTA Board of Directors with AIM Coordinator and AIM Development being the exception. All members of the Administrative Committee are on the IMTA Board of Directors.


President – Erica Ogden
Immediate Past President – Ellen Bulow
Executive Secretary-Treasurer – Maria Mann
Recording Secretary – Christina Whitlock
First Vice President, Membership – Valerie Merrell
Second Vice President, Local Associations – Linda Witchie
Chair of the Trustees – Christina Whitlock

AIM Administration

Coordinator – Jody Thomas
Syllabus Sales – Jody Thomas
See the AIM page for a list of current coordinators.


Chair  – Valerie Merrell

Hoosier Auditions

State Coordinator  –  Daniel Lin
See the Hoosier Auditions District page for current District Chairs.

MTNA Competitions

Chair  –  Jim Helton
See the MTNA Competitions page on the IMTA website for current area coordinators.