Standing Committees

Standing committees are those that manage and maintain the various state programs. Only the chair/coordinator is a member of the IMTA Board of Directors with AIM Coordinator and AIM Development being the exception. All members of the Administrative Committee are on the IMTA Board of Directors including the Member at Large.


President  –  Amy Chaplin
President-Elect  –  DJ Smith
Immediate Past President  –  Christina Whitlock
Executive Secretary Treasurer  –  Maria Mann
Recording Secretary  –  Paula Laskowski
First Vice President, Membership – Erica Ogden
Second Vice President, Local Associations –  Ellen Bulow
Chair of the Trustees  –  Claudia Bossard
Member at Large –  Becky Baker

AIM Administration

Coordinator  –  Jodi Thomas
Development –  Patricia Collins-Jones
Syllabus Sales  –  Jodi Thomas
Theory  –  Patricia Collins-Jones
South Bend  –  Juliana Lockman
Northeast  –  Sandy Moser
Wabash Valley  –  Jason Allen 
Indianapolis  –  Ginger Crook 


Chair  –  Erica Ogden

Hoosier Auditions

State Coordinator  –  Daniel Lin
District A  –  TBD
District B  –  Luke Norell
District C  –  TBD
District D  –  Reginald Rodgers
District E  –  Beverly Simms
District F  –  Nancy Crump
District G  –  Grace Hemaida
District H  –  Joyanne Outland

MTNA Competitions

Chair  –  Jim Helton
Junior  –  Leon Harshenin
Senior  –  Hamilton Tescarollo
Young Artist  –  Jim Helton
Chamber Music  –  Jim Helton
Composition –  Jim Helton