Hartman Stickley Memorial Piano Competition

Event: Hartman Stickley Memorial Piano Competition
Dates: March 4 & 5, 2016
Place: Harris Prairie Christian Church, 14719 SR 23, Granger, IN
Times: Approximately 10 AM – 6 PM on Friday, March 4, and
Approximately 9 AM – 4 PM on Saturday, March 5
Free and Open to the Public
Announcement is made of the twenty-first annual Hartman Stickley Memorial Piano Competition, which will be held on March 4 & 5, 2016 at the Harris Prairie Christian Church, Granger, Indiana. The competition is open to pre-college students, ages 4-18. There are six divisions where winners will receive cash prizes:
Division I        ages 7 yrs. and younger; $50.00
Division II       ages 8 & 9; $75.00
Division III     ages 10 & 11; $100.00
Division IV     ages 12 & 13; $125.00
Division V       ages 14 & 15; $150.00
Division VI     ages 16, 17 & 18; $175.00
Contestants who receive Honorable Mention will win cash prizes as well.
The competition, which is sponsored by the South Bend Area Music Teachers Association, is open to piano students residing in Berrien, Cass & St. Joseph counties, Michigan; and Allen, Elkhart, Kosciusko, LaGrange, LaPorte, Marshall, St. Joseph, and Starke counties, Indiana. Prize money is made available through the Elnora Hartman Stickley Scholarship Fund.
Judges will be: Dr. Wael Farouk, Roosevelt University, Chicago; Nicole Lee, Valparaiso University; Lori Sims, Western Michigan University; Dr. James Helton, Ball State University; Dr. Lori Rhoden, Ball State University; Dr. Joyanne Outland, Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne Continue reading

President's Message, Fall 2015

christina headshotFall greetings to you!
Whether you are an independent teacher or a university faculty member, one thing is sure:  the August/September rush is intense!   As educators, this time of year presents itself as an annual whirlwind of new schedules, fresh ideas, changing student rosters, and an endless list of things we would do “if we had the time”.
Needs trump wants (after all, isn’t that what being an adult is all about?), yet it’s easy to let deadlines and expectations pull our focus from the things that nourish us the most.
At the annual IMTA membership meeting last month, I referenced this important truth:  We are better together.  Whether it’s “talking shop” at a state or national conference, attending a local association meeting, or simply reading your American Music Teacher journal, I think we can all agree:  We are better together.  Through the opportunities provided by IMTA, we learn about new materials, explore alternative learning models, empathize with one another, build professional standards, and challenge one another.  Each event leads me to find a stronger sense of self:  what I believe musically, who I wish to be professionally, and how our purpose fits into this crazy world.  I hope you do not overlook this important benefit of membership.
Since I mentioned being together, it is important to give our 2015 State Conference committee at Vincennes University another round of applause!  Matthew Latta, Lisa Miller, and Claudia Bossard worked together like a well-oiled machine to put on an innovative conference, full of many IMTA firsts.  Our traditional conference events featured Logan Skelton, Diane Hidy, and Marietta Simpson (in addition to seventeen other presenters!).  Additionally, this year’s committee organized new events, like the high school Festival Chorus with Greg Gilpin, and countless assiduous details.  I cannot wait to sport my IMTA State Conference t-shirt around town!
This early-semester rush will soon lead to the bustling holiday season, which will transition into the cold winter slump, culminating in the frenzy of spring.  I hope you will continue stay in close contact with your IMTA colleagues as your to-do lists continue to grow.  After all, we are better together.
Looking forward to an exhilarating two years of being President,
Christina L. Whitlock

2015 Conference Wrap-Up

2015 Conference wrap-up (Vincennes University – September 25-26, 2015)

A note from ITMA President, Christina Whitlock:2015 Conference image
The 2015 IMTA State Conference in Vincennes was a smashing success!
As your new State President, I want to sincerely thank you for attending.  I think we can all agree the weekend was full of new ideas, gracious colleagues, and inspiring artistry.  Each attendee brings original insights to the conference experience, so I appreciate your commitment to attend.  It wouldn’t have been the same without you!
I’m sure you’ve been busy buying Post-It notes and washi tape like crazy (thanks to Diane Hidy), and I know Logan Skelton has us all ready to teach more Bartok.  Vincennes University proved to be incredible first-time hosts (thank you, Matthew Latta, Lisa Miller, and Claudia Bossard!), and Caroline KyungA Ahn’s commissioned composition When the Ocean Speaks blew us away.
A few follow-ups:

  • If you have conference photos to share, please send them to me.  Members of the IMTA Board of Directors can upload them directly to our DropBox account, or you may reply to this message.
  • I would love to collect a few Conference Reflections to include on the IMTA website.  If you feel so moved, please reply to this message with a brief write-up of your Conference experience. You might find yourself published on the website soon!

Please spread the word of your positive conference experience to your friends and colleagues.  I hope to see many of you at the MTNA National Conference in San Antonio (April 2-6)!
Visit the Photo Gallery to see more images from this year’s conference.

Reflections from attendees:

There was an obvious theme throughout every presentation and performance at the 2015 IMTA State Conference at Vincennes University.  Music is powerful, music is joyful, music allows us to express ourselves – it unites us in spite of our differences.  As performers and teachers, it’s our job to demonstrate this power to students by tapping into our own creativity and inspiration for life long learning. 
 We celebrated 90 years of life and 50 years of teaching with member Lois Clous – a perfect exemplification of life-long learning.  Our piano clinician, Diane Hidy reminded us music is not taught for a “competitive advantage”, but to foster a “form of expression.” Interspersed with her brilliant, fun and creative ways to make music learning easier, Diane reminded us to take time to know our students, to meet them where they are, to be excited about what they’re excited about.  Keynote speaker, Greg Gilpin urged us to spread joy, to see ourselves in our students and to “play well with others”. Our conference artist, Logan Skelton exemplified the power of expression through a stunning recital performance and instilled in us new joy for the music of Bartok.  He left us with these powerful words to explain Bartok’s weaving together of folk music in his compositions – Bartok thought his job as a composer was to “bring together the brotherhood of all people in spite of war and conflicts”.  Lastly we connected, not only with new ideas, but with each other – we shared stories, we shared teaching ideas, we enjoyed the incredible hospitality of Vincennes University, we laughed and most importantly, we left renewed, feeling fortunate to be part of such an incredible community of music teachers and ready to breathe new life into our teaching.
Melissa Willis
Indianapolis, IN

As a newly teaching piano teacher, I found IMTA to be an invaluable experience which I intend to repeat annually.  Not only was the conference well-situated, well-organized and well-run, but the content was everything I had hoped it would be.  The master classes of Logan Skelton, the  teaching tips from Diane Hidy, the insightful exhortations from Greg Gilpin, web resources from Amy Chaplin, and the kinesthetic advice from Natalie Wood, Lori Rhoden, Kate Boyd and Vicki King were all extremely valuable.  Add to that the myriad tips from fellow attendees, and you have a “must-see” event.  Kudos to IMTA for a rich and productive conference.”
Kelly Havens
Granger, IN

2015 IMTA Teacher of the Year

It is my great pleasure to present the award for the IMTA ”Teacher of the Year” for 2015.  As it is our long-standing, tradition, during my speech I will keep the identity of the winner in the dark as long as I can.
This year’s IMTA Teacher of the Year is that special combination of a superb pianist, musician, and an inspiring /dedicated teacher.  This person is able to translate the many aspects and details of teaching into language that is understandable to this teacher’s students.  This person’s enthusiasm engages them, captures their imaginations. A giant creator of young musicians.   A person who has the passion and love of music.
As a colleague, this year’s Teacher of the Year is very supportive and generous with time.  “An inspiration to me in my own teaching.  If you need advice to guide you in your responsibility as a teacher, you can come to this person anytime because this person is approachable and so helpful to give you practical and valuable tips in teaching!”  “Kind and thoughtful judge. I really enjoy the comments. My students always enjoy performing for this person, because HE genuinely enjoys hearing them.”
From his students:   ” he was the driving force to transfer the piano art form from a hobby into a professional career.”  Another writes “He’s been a great inspiration to many of us as we’ve grown into our respected professions, and the fruits of his labor prove the level of musicianship he both possess as an individual and earnestly gave to us as his pupils.” “ He always gives his full energy to his students and is generous with his time. I am a much better teacher because of his efforts than I would have been otherwise.
In the midst of his busy schedule in the northeast corner of the state, he finds time to help with their annual AIM festivals and Hoosier auditions!  His masterclasses offers insightful teaching and practice techniques to teachers and students.  He is invaluable at our annual AIM festival, from judging the repertoire of students at all levels, to training college students and young teachers in adjudication skills, to helping set up for the facilities. He organized a monster concert with 32 pianists and two conductors that culminated with three musicians on each of eight Steinway grand pianos as part of a fundraiser to purchase a 9’ Steinway grand piano for the John and Ruth Rhinehart Music Building at IPFW.
He is the Director of Keyboard Studies at Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne.  He coordinates the MTNA Young Artist and Chamber Music and is active in the local NIMTA group and contributes greatly to his position at IPFW.  He is a treasure to that community.  It is my honor to announce the Indiana Music Teachers Association Teacher of the Year for 2015– Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo.
2015 teacher of the year

2015 Hoosier Auditions – State Results

The Indiana Music Teachers Association is pleased to announce the winners of the Hoosier Auditions State Round, held at Butler University Saturday, May 16. Butler was home to a total of 58 students, competing in Piano solo, Piano Duet and Strings. All in all it was a very exciting day, filled with wonderful music making. The results can be viewed below or on the IMTA website Be sure to check the IMTA website www.indmta.org for information regarding Hoosier Auditions in 2016.
Early Elementary Piano Duet
Winner: Julia Peng & Angela Peng, students of Natalia Rachford
Honorable Mention: Ryan Li & Hanna Chen, students of Nadya DubikovskyContinue reading

2015 Hoosier Auditions – District Results

Indiana Music Teachers Association recognizes the winners of the 2015 District Hoosier Auditions held in Valpariso, Goshen, Indianapolis, Anderson, Terre Haute, Madison, Evansville, Fort Wayne, and Lafayette. The auditions are administered throughout the state by volunteer auditions chairs Carey Scheck, Beverly Lapp, Anna Briscoe, Reginald Rogers, Beverly Simms, Hugh Partridge, Grace Hemaida, Joyanne Outland, and Melanie Manges. Be sure to either check the IMTA website www.indmta.org or consult the IMTA directory for Hoosier Auditions 2016 information.
District A (Valpariso)
Carey Scheck, District Chair
Early Elementary Strings
Winner: Brady Sampson, violin, student of Lora Allen
Elementary Strings
Winner: Madi Perez, violin, student of Lora AllenContinue reading

2015 Opus Composition Festival Results

Hello to all teachers of Opus Festival Students:
I am very pleased to announce that the 2015 Opus Competition Festival results are in and students did a fantastic job!!! This year, we received 30 works for all 4 categories and many high quality compositions made the festival very competitive. Congratulations to all the students who submitted entries! We were fortunate to have nationally known teacher and composer Wendy Stevens as our judge this year and she was extremely pleased with the compositions and stated that all of the students should be very proud of their works! I am sure teachers and students alike will be encouraged by her helpful comments.
The winners in each category are:
Elementary Category: Logan French, student of Becky Baker
Junior Category: Josh Catanzaro, student of Nancy SpahrContinue reading

2015 Opus Composition Festival Deadline

The deadline for the Opus Composition Festival is approaching quickly. The postmarked deadline for this year is Saturday, March 7th, 2015.

There are some new changes in the Opus guidelines this year. Please refer to the IMTA website www.indmta.org under Opus guidelines for more detailed information.

  1. A copy of the score (computer generated in any notation program) and MIDI file of the piece are required. Please send all the files via email to the Opus Chair, Caroline Ahn at minka12092001@msn.com. No handwritten scores will be accepted this year.
  2. For all the entries, mail entry form and entry fee (one check per IMTA teacher made payable to IMTA) to:

Caroline Ahn
2662 Heathermoor Park Dr. N
Carmel,, IN 46074

The Opus Composition Festival is a competitive event designed to encourage students to create and write music. The Opus Composition Festival promotes creativity and educates students in the art and craft of musical composition.All students who enter receive a special certificate of participation, a ribbon, and a judge’s comment sheet.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions. I will be happy to assist you.


Dr. Caroline KyungA Ahn
IMTA Opus Composition Festival Chair