Collegiate Awards and Grants

MTNA Benjamin Whitten Collegiate Chapter of the Year Award

The MTNA Collegiate Chapter of the Year Award is named for renowned teacher and MTNA benefactor, Benjamin Whitten, for his financial support of the award. The award is presented at the MTNA national conference to the MTNA collegiate chapter that demonstrates excellence in its chapter activities. This honor recognizes the chapter’s commitment to the music teaching profession and MTNA.

MTNA Collegiate Grants

MTNA is pleased to announce two new grants for collegiate chapters and members. These grants will provide funds to support involvement in MTNA national activities, as well as promote grass roots teaching and training in the communities where chapters are located.

The purpose of the Collegiate Enrichment Grant is to provide financial assistance to individual collegiate members to attend a national event, specifically the MTNA National Conference or the Collegiate Piano Pedagogy Symposium.

The purpose of the Collegiate Project Grant is to provide financial assistance to MTNA Collegiate Chapters for the development of the Chapter’s presence in the community through projects offering educational and professional development for collegiate members, as well as support and promotion of music in the community.

For application materials and a list of additional criteria for the grants, visit the grants page on the MTNA website.


IMTA Collegiate Chapter Travel Grant


With assistance from the IMTA Collegiate Chapter Travel Grant, members from the Butler Collegiate Chapter were able to travel to and present a session at the 2017 MTNA Collegiate Chapter Symposium


Guidelines for Indiana Music Teachers Association (IMTA) Collegiate Chapter Travel Grants for the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) National Conference or the MTNA Collegiate Symposium

IMTA financially supports your attendance at an MTNA event as an investment in the future of MTNA. You may use the grant for any expenses related to the Conference or the Symposium and are not required to document your expenses with receipts. We are looking forward to having you represent the collegiate chapters of Indiana at the Conference or the Symposium.

Note: Collegiate Chapter Presidents may also apply for travel grants to the MTNA National Conference from the IMTA Board of Directors Stickley Grant fund.

In return for this grant, you will be asked to fulfill the following:

  1. For the MTNA National Conference, attend Collegiate Chapters events such as the reception, Collegiate Chapters Forum, and other collegiate chapter presentations.  Attend the Indiana Music Teachers Association state dinner.   For the Collegiate Symposium, attend all relevant events. Spend the majority of your time at the Conference or the Symposium.  You are welcome to do some local sight-seeing if you wish, but you should spend the majority of your time at the conference events.
  1. Submit a report about your experience at the Conference or Symposium to your collegiate chapter at a future meeting.
  1. Write a brief report/thank you regarding your Conference or Symposium experience for publication on the IMTA Website. Please submit this within one week of your return home to Lori Rhoden, the IMTA Collegiate Chapters chair.
  1. In the event that you cannot fulfill these requirements, you may be required to reimburse IMTA for the travel grant. Also, if for some reason you are not able to attend the conference after the funds have already been disbursed to you, you will need to repay the travel grant to IMTA.
  1. Coordinate with your Collegiate Chapter sponsor to submit necessary information to the IMTA treasurer for disbursement of the travel grant.
  1. Make sure that you pre-register for the MTNA Conference or Symposium. You are strongly encouraged to register by the early registration deadline.
  1. Complete the IMTA travel grant application form either by submitting online (below) or downloading the form directly and emailing to the IMTA Board of Trustees Chair, Dr. Janet Palmberg, by November 7, 2016. Applications will not be accepted late.


Download and email the collegiate-travel-grant-application

or fill out below


IMTA Collegiate Chapter Travel Grant