Former Butler Collegiate Member Wins MTNA Studio Fellowship

Congratulations to former Butler Collegiate Chapter MTA member Karen Lien, winner of the Mary Sue Harris Fellowship, awarded annually by MTNA!

The $3,000 grant, funded by the MarySue Harris Endowment Fund, is presented annually to a recently graduated independent teacher who demonstrates commitment to the music teaching profession and outstanding studio development.

Read more below about Karen including details on her active role in the Butler Collegiate Chapter and the wonderful Indiana teachers with whom she studied.


Karen Lien is living her dream life as a piano teacher and owner of You LOVE Piano studio.  Before receiving her Master of Music degree in Piano Pedagogy from Butler University and starting her teaching career at You LOVE Piano studio, she was a software developer and an instructor, who had the opportunity to teach programming and website design.  In 2009, the passion of playing music and being a piano teacher called her to pursue a career in piano teaching.  Through the support from her family and friends and many respectful mentors like Dr. Courtney Crappell, Prof. Karen Thickstun, and Dr. Kate Boyd, her lifelong dream finally became a reality. 

Karen resides in San Antonio, TX and she enjoys teaching Little Mozart program for 4- and 5-years-old, Achievement program for school-age children, and Recreational Music Making (RMM) program for teens and adults.  Now, she dreams to bring the enjoyment of music-making to more children in her community.  This dream of making piano lessons accessible to children comes from her own childhood experience.  When Karen was 5-years-old, she could not continue piano lessons because of her family’s financial difficulty.  However, her love for music and piano playing has never ceased, and eventually, she found her way back to playing the piano.  Karen has never forgotten her childhood dream that children who love piano playing (like she did) will also have the opportunities to enjoy the many benefits of music. 

A passionate teacher, Karen continues to seek and advance her professional development by completing certification program, attending and presenting in national and state conferences.  In 2015, Karen earned the NCTM designation through MTNA’s Professional Certification Program and is honored to be a nationally certified teacher of Music.  In 2014, under the guidance of Professor Thickstun, Karen and her colleagues from the Butler University MTNA Chapter presented “Creating a Musical Wonderland: Teaching Composition Through Storytelling” at the MTNA National Conference and Indianapolis Piano Teachers Association (IPTA) meeting.  In 2013, Karen attended MTNA national conference and presented a poster session with Butler University MTNA Chapter.   Karen served as vice president in the Butler University Collegiate Chapter of MTNA and helped coordinating a member recital, the annual Children’s Music Festival, conference presentation and volunteered at AIM and Hoosier Auditions.

In addition to teaching, she served as pianist and choral accompanist for First Chinese Baptist Church in San Antonio and has accompanied theater productions and choirs in Texas, Ohio and Japan including Spring Creek Untied Methodist Church, Dayton Chinese Christian Church, Tokyo Presbyterian Church, Yokota Middle School, Missoula’s children theater and Yokota Theater.


For further interest in the MTNA Fellowship Award vist the MTNA website

East Central Division (E.C.D.) Competition Results

Indiana is proud to announce we have several winners, alternates and honorable mentions that were named in the East Central Division Competition!


East Central Junior Performance String

Winner – Maya Kilburn, Violin; Student of Mimi Zweig


East Central Senior Performance Piano

Honorable mention – Gabe Brunner, Piano; Student of Fred Hammond


East Central Senior Performance Woodwind

Alternate – Kacie Brown, Saxophone; Student of Otis Murphy


East Central Senior Piano Duet

Honorable mention – Rebekah Rexroth, Piano; Student of Dawn Hopkins


East Central Young Artist Composition

Honorable Mention – Da Som (Emily) Yoo; Student of Michael Schelle


2016 ECD Composition Competition Winners Named

Music Teachers National Association is pleased to announce the results of the composition competition for East Central Division.

Indiana MTA would like to thoroughly congratulate one of our students who received an honorable mention! Da Som (Emily) Yoo, student of Michael Schelle awarded an honorable mention in the Young Artist division!


Winner: Aaron Wang, Student of Catherine Rollin, MI
Honorable mention: Joshua Wolford, Student of Matthew Hagle, IL

Winner: Greta Thoresen, Student of Drea Wagner, WI
Honorable mention: Lucas Huang, Student of Bradley Sowash, OH

Winner: Charles Berofsky, Student of Logan Skelton, MI
Honorable mention: Weston Gilbert, Student of Jessica Madsen, OH

Young Artist:
Winner: Kristopher Bendrick, Student of Christopher Goldston, IL
Honorable mention: Da Som (Emily) Yoo, Student of Michael Schelle, IN


This year, the East Central Division judges were:
Jenny Conner
Martha Horst
Thomas Wells


The winning compositions automatically advance to the national competition as national finalists. The results of that competition will be announced by the end of January.

2016 Results MTNA Performance Competitions – State Round

Congratulations to the winners from the Indiana state round of the MTNA Performance Competitions.  Winners/Representatives go on to play at the ECD Competition on January 15th at Central Michigan State University.


Chamber Music Wind

Representative – Soma
Ting Hua Liang, Baritone Saxophone
Paul Lorenz, Alto Saxophone
Nathan Howard, Tenor Saxophone
Ricardo Martinez, Soprano Saxophone
Teacher – Otis Murphy


Junior Performance Piano

Representative – Kevin Wang, Piano
Teacher – Hamilton Tescarollo


Junior Performance String

Winner – Maya Kilburn, Violin
Teacher – Mimi Zweig
Accompanist – Ray Kilburn

Alternate – Mishael Paraiso, Violin
Teacher – Olga Yurkova
Accompanist – Hallel Paraiso

Honorable Mention – Yian Koh, Violin
Teacher – Yon Joo Lee
Accompanist – Lillian Mui


Senior Performance Piano

Winner – Gabe Bruner, Piano
Teacher – Fred Hammond

Alternate – Sage Hamm, Piano
Teacher – Galit Gertsenzon

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2016 Results MTNA Composition Competitions – State Round

Congratulations to these winners/representatives of the State round of the MTNA Composition Competition. We are proud to have each piece representing our fine state in the Eastern Division Composition Competition!


Winner: Kayla Xu, Student of Aleksey Madan
Honorable mention: Charlie Conner, Student of Lai Ping Ho


Representative: Abigail Mohs, Student of Donald Campfield

Young Artist:

Representative: Da Som (Emily) Yoo, Student of Michael Schelle