2012 Hoosier Auditions – State Results

IMTA announces the winners of the 2012 Hoosier Auditions State Competition held at Butler University, Saturday May 19. Congratulations to all students, teachers, and parents who participated. Winners will be invited to perform at the Winners Recital during the IMTA Fall Conference held at Indiana State University in Terra Haute, September 21-22. Please consult the IMTA directory or online at indmta.org for 2013 Hoosier Auditions information.
Early Elementary Strings
Winner: David Du, student of Sara Wollen
Alternate: William Mayhew, student of Gary Brown
Honorable Mention: Madhuri Vamadevan, student of Anny Chiu
Elementary Strings
Winner: Christina Shi, student of Regan Eckstein
Alternate: Leona Gibson, student of Paul Roby
Middle Strings
Winner: Hannah Han, student of Regan Eckstein
Alternate: Charity Kirkman, student of Paul Roby
Junior Strings
Winner: Wesley Mui, student of Regan Eckstein
Alternate: Peter Davis, student of Paul Roby
Senior Strings
Winner: Emily Forthun, student of Michael Strauss
Alternate: Eleanor Brower, student of Regan Eckstein
Early Elementary Piano
Winner: Hanna Inoue, student of Noemi Paraiso
Alternate: Peter Yang, student of Kathleen Keasey
Honorable Mention: Gracie Tubbs, student of Irina Gorin
Christie Bao, student of Aleksey Madan
Elementary Piano
Winner: Andrew Ganahl, student of Hyeja Chong Ganahl
Alternate: Mishael Paraiso, student of Noemi Paraiso
Honorable Mention: Rebecca Qin, student of Ada Shebanova
Christina Shi, student of Nadya Dubikovsky
Middle Piano
Winner: Aaron Shi, student of Ada Shebanova
Alternate: Peter Rutkowski, student of Dr. Patricia Collins Jones
Junior Piano
Winner: Stephanie Tapp, student of Dr. Patricia Collins Jones
Alternate: Benjamin Huang, student of Sylvia Patterson-Scott & Beverly Scott
Honorable Mention: Natasha Slipchenko, student of Nadya Dubikovsk
Senior Piano
Winner: Arthur Shou, student of Dr. Karen Taylor
Alternate: Christopher Park, student of Nadya Dubikovsky
Honorable Mention: Andrew Keiser, student of William Hughes
Yifei Hu, student of Dr. Patricia Collins Jones
Collegiate Piano
Winner: Jason Simon, student of Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo
Alternate: Matthew Bridgham, student of Dr. Richard Ratliff
Honorable Mention: Yimo Zhang, student of Dr. James Helton
Nik Pine, student of Dr. Beverley Simms

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