2014 IMTA Hoosier Auditions – State Results

IMTA announces the winners of the 2014 Hoosier Auditions State Competition held at Butler University, Saturday May 17. Congratulations to all students, teachers, and parents who participated. In addition to receiving a cash award the winners of each category will be invited to perform at the Winners Recital during the IMTA Fall Conference held at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana, November 7-8. Please consult the IMTA directory or online at indmta.org for 2015 Hoosier Auditions information.
Hoosier Auditions State Results
May 17, 2014
Early Elementary Piano Duet
Winner: Chenyao Liu & Karolena Zhou, students of Irina Gorin
Alternate: Patrick Li & Taiga Nishida, students of Aleksey Madan
Honorable Mention: Wyat & William Lancaster, students of Claudia Bossard
Elementary Piano Duet
Winner: Yuto Nishida & Adrian Mao, student of Aleksey Madan
Middle Piano Duet
Alternate: Kerem Keskin & Emre Keskin, student of Aleksey Madan
Junior Piano Duet
Winner: Jenny Shao & Claudia Li, student of Aleksey Madan
Early Elementary Strings
Winner: Yian Koh, violin; student of Yon Joo Lee
Elementary Strings
Winner: Cindy Wu, cello; student of Sara Wollan
Alternate: Emy Li, violin; student of Paul Roby
Middle Strings
Winner: Mary Rudolph, violin; student of Timothy Tan
Alternate: Christina Shi, violin; student of Regan Eckstein
Honorable Mention: Camille Mendoza, violin; Student of Paul Roby
Junior Strings
Winner: Hannah Han, violin; student of Regan Eckstein
Senior Strings
Winner: Peter Davis, violin; student of Paul Roby
Alternate: Jenna Rudolph, cello; student of Melita Hunsinger
Honorable Mention: Wesley Mui, violin; student of Regan Eckstein
Collegiate Strings
Winner: Pengfei Yan, violin; student of Regan Eckstein
Early Elementary Piano
Winner: Saylor Lancaster, student of Claudia Bossard
Alternate: Felix Zhang, student of Melissa Luan
Honorable Mention: Samuel Wang, student of Natalia Rachford
Elementary Piano
Winner: Song Kim, student of Aleksey Madan
Alternate: Geoffrey Ladue, student of Linda Witchie
Honorable Mention: Laura Gilliam, student of Grace Hemaida
Middle Piano
Winner: Sage Hamm, student of Dr. Galit Gertsenzon Fromm
Alternate: Lia Sokol, student of Dr. Karen Taylor
Honorable Mention: Christina Shi, student of Mrs. Nadya Dubikovsky
Junior Piano
Winner: Peter Rutkowski, student of Patricia Collins Jones
Alternate: Phillip Shou, student of Dr. Karen Taylor
Honorable Mention: August Katz, student of Grace Hemaida
Senior Piano
Winner: Ari Brown, student of Irina Gorin
Alternate: Rachel Ollestad, student of Nancy Crump
Collegiate Piano
Winner: Carson Weingart, student of Ray Kilburn
Alternate: Shanyun Wen, student of May Phang

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