AIM Festival Dates for 2021-2022

The dates and deadlines for the 2021-2022 AIM Festivals around the state are now on the AIM Festival page.

They are:

South Bend / Mishawaka (SBAMTA)

Date – 11/13/2021
Entry deadline – 10/15/2021
Face-to-face at Bethel University
Local chairperson – Kelly Havens at

Indianapolis (GIMTA)

Date – 11/20/2021
Entry deadline – 10/15/2021
Face-to-face at Butler University
Local chairperson – Ginger Crook at

Fort Wayne (NIMTA)

Date – 3/12/2022
Entry deadline – 2/4/2022
Face-to-face at Purdue University Fort Wayne
Local chairperson – Sandy Moser at

Terre Haute (WVMTA)

Date – 3/19/2022
Entry deadline – 2/19/2022
Face-to-face – TBA
Local chairperson – Lynette Browne at

Indiana MTA Presents New State Logos

IMTA is proud to present our newly updated logo! The old logo has been updated to a fresh look while maintaining the feel of the original. The updated logo has allowed us to also streamline the logo design of all our Indiana state programs! Check out the new and old side by side!






Hoosier Auditions Logo



Achievement in Music Logo


AIM seeks member input

The Indiana Music Teachers Association Achievement in Music program continues to be very strong, with six festivals around the state serving over 700 students each year.  In an effort to keep this program serving the needs of all teachers and students, IMTA will be updating the syllabus for release in 2015.
Currently, we are using the syllabus which was first published in 2005.  There have been no changes to this syllabus since that date.  In 2010, the Board of Directors reaffirmed the use of this syllabus for the period 2010-2015.  If you own a syllabus dated 2005-2010, or a syllabus dated 2010-2015, you own the current syllabus.
The current Board of Directors has authorized the formation of a committee to oversee the upcoming revision process.  Many of our members have made helpful suggestions over the years concerning possible changes they would like to see in the syllabus.  As AIM Coordinator, Douglas Sperry has maintained records of all suggestions for consideration in our review of the syllabus.  At this time, he would like to encourage all who participate in the AIM program to submit any additional suggestions they might have to either to him or their festival coordinator.
In addition, if you have a desire to serve on the committee which will conduct the syllabus revisions, please contact Doug at <>.  We will begin our work later in the summer of 2013.
Douglas Sperry, NCTM
AIM Coordinator

Achievement in Music News – Winter 2011

The  Indiana Music Teachers Association  AIM Festivals have been extremely successful this fall!  A number of festival sites have recorded substantial increases in the numbers of participating teachers and students, with Indianapolis hosting over 200 students (this number marks a new record!). Congratulations to one and all for everyone’s hard work and dedication to this wonderful program. Again, a special thanks to Juliana Lockman for her production every year of the theory tests used in AIM. Also, our site coordinators (Candy Henkler: GEMTA; Kathy Keasey: SBMTA; Kim Jones: MTASCI; Kathy Ryan: GIMTA; Jane Wilson: TMTA; Catharina Matthews: NIMTA; and Margaret Roby: WVMTA) deserve our gratitude for all of the work they do making sure that their respective festivals are a success.
For those IMTA members who do not have an AIM Festival site within your locale, please contact Doug Sperry about starting a festival in your area. He would be happy to communicate with you via phone or email to answer any questions about this program. In addition, he is available to visit with any local groups to discuss the possibility of starting a new site.
Last but not least, please note that new participants can purchase the AIM Syllabus for a nominal. The fee is $20 for IMTA members and $40 for non-members. The 2010-2015 syllabus has not been changed from the 2005-2010 syllabus. Therefore, if you already have a copy there is currently no need to purchase a new one. However, if you need a copy or know of another teacher who may want one, please send a check, made payable to IMTA, to:
Douglas Sperry, NCTM
6793 West Manor Drive
Terre Haute, IN  47802