IMTA Website Upgraded!

Indiana Music Teachers Association has a new online look!  The website was recently updated to present information in a more user-friendly and visually appealing format.  Be sure to update your bookmarks as page names and locations have changed.  Visit the new site at

Have news delivered to you!

Next month, the IMT will celebrate a full year of being completely online at! Did you know that you can follow news and updates with the click of a button?  Look for the RSS icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will launch your favorite news reader and ensure that you will get timely updates from IMTA. You can read more about how to use RSS feeds on the Lifehacker Page or in this tutorial provided by Paul Stamatiou.

Indiana Music Teacher newsletter now online

The Indiana Music Teacher, the official newsletter of the Indiana Music Teachers Association, is now fully online!
Transitioning from print to online format does not change the quality of the newsletter; in fact, you now have access to IMTA news in a timelier and frequent fashion. Just as soon as news is available, it will be posted here. Please note, because this is our first newsletter, it only has the most recent news available, and so only a few articles are available. Over time, it will become a substantial resource of information about our thriving and vibrant organization. If you have questions or concerns about the newsletter, please let us know.Continue reading