Local Associations

Members of Northeast Indiana MTA (NIMTA) at the 2018 State Conference at Sweetwater


IMTA Local Associations embody MTNA/IMTA membership at the most personal level. Getting connected to a local connects you to other professionals in your area, a powerful network of teaching professionals committed to the vision and values of MTNA.

Many engaged in a local association love the camaraderie of connecting face to face with other teachers whether through monthly meetings and programs, Christmas dinner parties, collaborative student recitals, meeting up at the state conference, or a simple lunch during the week.

Benefits include

  • Performance opportunities
  • Festivals and contests that motivate students to continue study
  • Professional development for teachers
  • Annual local association grants
  • Support for certification
  • Opportunities to make friends with common interests


Local Associations, Websites, and Dues

Indiana has eight active local associations. If you are interested in starting a local in your area or reinstating an inactive local, please contact Linda Witchie, VP of Local Associations.

Dues for local associations can either be paid when joining/renewing your MTNA/IMTA membership or they can be paid directly to the local. However, teachers must be a member of MTNA and IMTA in order to participate in a local association. Dues are set by each individual association.


1 – South Bend Area MTNA ($10)

Website – sbamta.org

Facebook – South Bend Area Music Teachers Association

President – Paula Laskowski


Celebrating 70 years as a local!


2 – Tippecanoe MTA ($15)

Website  –  tippmta.org

Facebook  – Tippecanoe Music Teachers Association


3 – Northeast Indiana MTNA ($15)

Website  –   nimta.weebly.com

President  –  Maria Mann

Members of Northeast Indiana MTA (NIMTA) at the 2018 State Conference at Sweetwater


4 – North Central Indiana MTNA ($10)

President  –  Nancy Spahr Huskey


5 – Wabash Valley MTNA ($10)

President  –  Dilya Meehan

Email  –  dilyameehan@yahoo.com

Members of Wabash Valley MTNA at the Annual Christmas Dinner


6 – Greater Indianapolis MTA ($10)

President  – Sally Eppert


7 – MTA of South Central Indiana ($15)

President –  Nancy Crump


8 – Greater Evansville MTA ($5)

Website  –  gemta.org

President  –  Yu-Han Kuan