MTNA Professional Support Line

MTNA provides a sounding board and clearing house for members who have questions of a pedagogical or business nature. For more information, contact the MTNA National Headquarters at (888) 512-5278 or e-mail
Assistance has been provided in the following areas: information on grants, music, acoustical standards of building a new music facility, ASCAP issues, Certification, copyright issues, developing a plan to become a music teacher, creating relationships between other music organizations and local MTNA affiliates, music merchandise questions, prospective member information, lesson fee structures in the United States, assistance helping a member supplement their dues through local and state support, health insurance, finding music teachers around the world and more. Legal issues have been in the matters of copyright, employee contracts, buying and selling music studios, contractual arrangements with ensembles and partnerships, zoning issues and more. For more information visit the support line.

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