2016 Results MTNA Performance Competitions – State Round

Congratulations to the winners from the Indiana state round of the MTNA Performance Competitions.  Winners/Representatives go on to play at the ECD Competition on January 15th at Central Michigan State University.


Chamber Music Wind

Representative – Soma
Ting Hua Liang, Baritone Saxophone
Paul Lorenz, Alto Saxophone
Nathan Howard, Tenor Saxophone
Ricardo Martinez, Soprano Saxophone
Teacher – Otis Murphy


Junior Performance Piano

Representative – Kevin Wang, Piano
Teacher – Hamilton Tescarollo


Junior Performance String

Winner – Maya Kilburn, Violin
Teacher – Mimi Zweig
Accompanist – Ray Kilburn

Alternate – Mishael Paraiso, Violin
Teacher – Olga Yurkova
Accompanist – Hallel Paraiso

Honorable Mention – Yian Koh, Violin
Teacher – Yon Joo Lee
Accompanist – Lillian Mui


Senior Performance Piano

Winner – Gabe Bruner, Piano
Teacher – Fred Hammond

Alternate – Sage Hamm, Piano
Teacher – Galit Gertsenzon

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2016 Results MTNA Composition Competitions – State Round

Congratulations to these winners/representatives of the State round of the MTNA Composition Competition. We are proud to have each piece representing our fine state in the Eastern Division Composition Competition!


Winner: Kayla Xu, Student of Aleksey Madan
Honorable mention: Charlie Conner, Student of Lai Ping Ho


Representative: Abigail Mohs, Student of Donald Campfield

Young Artist:

Representative: Da Som (Emily) Yoo, Student of Michael Schelle

President’s Message, Fall 2016 – Donuts, Fashion Choices, and Membership Benefits

Donuts, Fashion Choices, and Membership Benefits

christina headshotA new donut shop recently opened up near our home.  Early one Saturday, I decided to throw my shoes on, sneak out, and surprise my family with morning treats.  As I was making my purchase, the man behind the counter said, “I see you’re a teacher.  You get 10% off every day!”  I was a bit confused, trying to decide how the man figured out my occupation, when he pointed to my t-shirt.  I was wearing our IMTA t-shirt, offered at last year’s State Conference in Vincennes!  I thanked him, collected our goodies, and left.  On the drive back home, I smiled at my forty-nine cent savings, but I quickly began to wonder how many of us are missing out on valuable benefits from our IMTA/MTNA memberships?

The Members-Only section on the MTNA website lists a very impressive summation of corporate sponsorships secured by our organization, and these are not to be missed!  However, I would also argue many of us are missing benefits that can’t be measured in dollar signs.

For example, we just wrapped up our 2016 State Conference, and it was truly an event to remember!  Goshen College proved to be an incredible host, with top-notch facilities and featured presentations by incredible artists.  Highlights included:

  • Jorge Muniz, our 2016 Commissioned Composer, debuted an exhilarating piano trio with assistance from Goshen faculty performers Matthew Hill, Jose Rocha, and Solomia Soroka. This contemporary perspective on the Granados Goyescas was full of vivid imagery and strong emotive themes.
  • Featured Speaker, Karen Zorn, delivered an inspiring keynote address (she really had me fooled with that cell phone!), as well as a Saturday morning session devoted to the El Sistema movement that moved many of us to tears.
  • Of course, Christopher Taylor delivered an inspired performance on Friday evening,
    along with a very informative Master Class on avaSaturday morning.  Thanks to Goshen’s innovative broadcasting of sound/video into the lobby, I was even able to enjoy the Chopin Preludes with newborn Ava in tow!
  • The variety of sessions offered each day was first rate. We were happy to host a large number of quality presentations from a diverse group of teachers.   There was truly something offered for everyone!

So, what if you missed our 2016 State Conference?  There are still MANY valuable opportunities to be experienced in your nearest Local Association!  I am constantly impressed by the work our Local Associations do to enrich their area programs and teacher development.  If you need any information on Local Associations, please contact me at cwpiano@comcast.net!

Of course, as MTNA members, we also have a steady stream of current research delivered straight to our mailboxes via the American Music Teacher, as well as our inboxes with the MTNA eJournal.  I am always pleased with the insights I take away from these resources, and kick myself any time I let them go unread!

As with so many things in life, I find we get the most benefit from our IMTA/MTNA memberships when we put forth some effort ourselves.  I challenge you to make the time to attend conferences (the 2017 National Conference in Baltimore promises to be AMAZING!), connect with area teachers, and read your journals.  I assure you, the benefits will outweigh the costs!

Musical blessings to each of you!


Christina L. Whitlock, IMTA State President

2016 IMTA State Conference Details



Details regarding the 2016 IMTA State Conference at Goshen College September 30-October 1 can be viewed here:

2016 Indiana Music Teachers Association State Conference


See details on:

  • Featured Presenters
  • Schedule
  • Accommodations
  • Restaurant Information
  • Registration

Teacher of the Year Nominations

9/9/2016 update: The deadline for nominations for 2016 Teacher of the Year has passed.

Would you like to nominate someone as IMTA Teacher of the Year? Letters of support can be sent to Dr. Robert Palmer at rpalmer@bsu.edu.

Submissions must be made by September 1st to be considered.


See you at the Conference in September!




2016 Call for Proposals

9/09/2016 update: Submissions for the 2016 Conferences are no longer being accepted.
Call for 2016 Conference Proposals!

The deadline for proposals for the 2016 IMTA State Conference at Goshen College has been extended to Monday, June 6, 2016.

The 2016 conference will take place on September 30th and October 1st in the Goshen College Music Center.

The Conference Committee welcomes proposals on all aspects of music teaching, learning, creation, performance, scholarship, career considerations, and other areas of interest to independent and college music teachers.


  • Membership in IMTA is not a requirement to submit a proposal or present a session
  • Participants must be willing to present on either day of the conference, should their proposals be accepted
  • Conference presenters are not compensated or reimbursed for expenses, and must pay published Conference fees
  • Electronic submissions are required with attached bio and Jpeg photo (headshot) of presenter(s)
  • Conference sessions are generally 50 minutes including Q & A time

Complete proposals include the following:

1.  Name, institutional affiliation, if applicable, email, mailing address, telephone
2.  The proposal title
3.  The proposal format: paper, performance, composition, workshop, or lecture-recital
4.   An abstract of 250 words or less
5.   A brief biography of all involved persons (250 word maximum per person)
6.   Equipment needs
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Proposals must be submitted by 12:00 midnight, EST, on Monday, June 6, 2016.

ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION: You will be notified by email no later than July 1, 2016

SUBMIT TO: Beverly Lapp, IMTA Conference Onsite Chair, via email to beverlykl@goshen.edu