2015 Hoosier Auditions – State Results

The Indiana Music Teachers Association is pleased to announce the winners of the Hoosier Auditions State Round, held at Butler University Saturday, May 16. Butler was home to a total of 58 students, competing in Piano solo, Piano Duet and Strings. All in all it was a very exciting day, filled with wonderful music making. The results can be viewed below or on the IMTA website Be sure to check the IMTA website www.indmta.org for information regarding Hoosier Auditions in 2016.
Early Elementary Piano Duet
Winner: Julia Peng & Angela Peng, students of Natalia Rachford
Honorable Mention: Ryan Li & Hanna Chen, students of Nadya Dubikovsky
Elementary Piano Duet
Winner: Richard Zhang & Eugene Zhang, students of Nadya Dubikovsky
Middle Piano Duet
Winner: Christie Bao & Anna Wang, students of Aleksey Madan
Alternate: Madison Weiss & Gracie Tubbs, students of Irina Gorin
Junior Piano Duet
Winner: Maddie DeBaun & Chloe Koutsoumpas, students of Lai Ping Jean Ho
Alternate: Nathan Hu & Aaron Peng, students of Aleksey Madan
Senior Piano Duet
Winner: Rebekah Rexroth & Lisbeth Nelson, students of Dawn Hopkins
Alternate: Christina Shi & Susanna Harmon, students of Nadya Dubikovsky
Honorable Mention: Lydia May & Anthea Weng, students of Lai Ping Jean Ho
Early Elementary Strings
Winner: Hannah Chen, violin; student of Karen Isaacs
Elementary Strings
Winner: Yian Koh, violin; student of Yon Joo Lee
Middle Strings
Winner: Maya Kilburn, violin; student of Mimi Zweig
Alternate: Christina Shi, violin; student of Regan Eckstein
Junior Strings
Winner: Seungmoon Lee, violin; student of Yon Joo Lee

Early Elementary Piano
Winner: Angela Gao, student of Ada Shebanova
Alternate: Ariel Lyanda-Geller, student of Nadya Dubikovsky
Honorable Mention: AnnahMarie Behn-link, student of Carol Hahn

Elementary Piano
Winner: Cade Neely, student of Grace Hemaida
Alternate: Lily Shen, student of Aleksey Madan
Honorable Mention: Yucheng Wang, student of Janet Palmberg Piechocinski

Middle Piano
Winner: Mishael Paraiso, student of Noemi C. Paraiso
Alternate: Peter Yang, student of Patricia Collins Jones
Honorable Mention: William Mayhew, student of Margaret Roby
Junior Piano
Winner: Michelle Tapp, student of Patricia Collins Jones
Alternate: Phillip Shou, student of Dr. Karen Taylor
Honorable Mention: August Katz, student of Grace Hemaida
Senior Piano
Winner: Brock Bishop, student of Beverly & Sylvia Scott and Dr. Karen Taylor
Alternate: Rebekah Rexroth, student of Dawn Hopkins
Honorable Mention: Minna Zheng, student of Liz Seidel
Collegiate Piano
Winner: Nathan Canfield, student of Dr. Beverly Simms
Alternate: Brandon Vos, student of Dr. Richard Ratliff
Honorable Mention: Andrew Nesler, student of Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo

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