East Central Division (ECD) Competition Results

MTNA Competitions – East Central Division
Results for Indiana entrants

Senior Composition
Winner: Aidan Feeney, student of Jennifer Feeney

Junior Strings (4 entries)
Alternate: Serge Kalinovsky, cello, student of Susan Moses

Congratulations to Aidan and Serge. Best of luck to Aidan at the National Finals!!

MTNA 2020 Indiana State MTNA Competition, Results Announcement

MTNA Competitions 2020

Dr. James Helton, Coordinator

Congratulations to the superb performers and composers in the 2020 MTNA Competitions! This year’s competitions were held online, with judges doing their work remotely during the two weeks between October 10 and 25.

JUNIOR STRINGS (3 entrants)
Winner: Serge Kalinovsky, student of Susan Moses
Alternate: Lily Sullivan, student of Grigory Kalinovsky
Honorable Mention: Miranda Isbitts, student of Mimi Zweig

SENIOR STRINGS (2 entrants)
Winner: Cooper Olsen, student of Mimi Zweig
Alternate: Abigail Ko, student of Mimi Zweig

JUNIOR PIANO (4 entrants)
Winner: Jessica Flowers, student of Christopher Weldon
Alternate: Jack Ma, student of Phoenix Park-Kim
Honorable Mentions in no particular order:
Alex Lu, student of Kana Mimaki
Charles Berryhill, student of Gayle Kowalchyk

Winner: Kaden Larson, Indiana University, student of Norman Krieger
Alternate: Prudence Poon, Indiana University, student of Roberto Plano
Honorable Mention: Robert Levinger, Indiana University, student of Roberto Plano
Honorable Mention: Marc Levesque, Indiana University, student of Roberto Plano

STATE REPRESENTATIVES (single entrants in their categories):
Junior Composition: Srikar Vaasan, student of Jessica Dorman
Senior Composition: Aidan Feeney, student of Jennifer Feeney
Senior Piano: Talinaiya Bao, student of Yerin Kim

Good luck to our winners and representatives at the East Central Division!!

Many thanks to our judges:

Dr. Peter Opie, Ball State University – Strings
Dr. Eleanor Trawick, Ball State University – Composition
Dr. Ellen Elder, The University of Southern Mississippi – Junior and Young Artist Piano
Dr. Kent Cook, Illinois Wesleyan University (emeritus) – Young Artist Piano
Dr. May Phang, DePauw University – Young Artist Piano

Many thanks to my fellow competition coordinators:

Leon Harshenin, Junior Performance Competitions
Hamilton Tescarollo, Senior Performance Competitions

AIM Festival Dates for 2020-2021

The dates and deadlines for the 2019-2020 AIM Festivals around the state are now on the AIM Festival page.

They are:

South Bend / Mishawaka (SBAMTA)

Date  –  November 7, 2020
Entry Deadline  –  October 2020?
Face-to-face or online  –  Online
Local Chairperson  –  Gerry Stutzman
More information: SBAMTA.org

Indianapolis (GIMTA)

Date  –  November 20, 2020
Entry Deadline  –  October 30, 2020
Face-to-face or online  –  Online
Local Chairperson  –  Ginger Crook

Fort Wayne (NIMTA)

Date  –  March 13, 2021
Entry Deadline  –  February 13, 2021
Location  –  Purdue University Fort Wayne
Face-to-face or online  –  Face-to-face
Local Chairperson  –  Sandy Moser

Terre Haute (WVMTA)

Date  –  April 17, 2021
Entry Deadline  –  February 2021?
Location  –  TBA
Face-to-face or online  –  Face-to-face
Local Chairperson  –  Lynette Brown

East Central Division (ECD) Competition Results

Congratulations to our East Central Division (ECD) Competition Winners, who will compete at the National Finals in Chicago in March!

Division Winners

Senior Woodwind – Branden Trent, saxophone, student of Otis Murphy
Young Artist Strings – Emily Leung, violin, student of Mauricio Fuks, Indiana University
Young Artist Voice – Stephen Stachofsky, baritone, student of Samuel Savage, Indiana University


Young Artist Composition – Jacob Zaring, student of Caroline Ahn, Anderson University

One Indiana student placed as Alternate: Marc Levesque, piano, student of Roberto Plano, Indiana University


2019 Indiana State MTNA Competition, Results Announcement

MTNA Competitions

James Helton, Chairperson

Hearty congratulations to the winners of the state round of the MTNA Competitions! All winners and representative, listed below, will proceed to the recorded round of the East Central Division. Results of the ECD Competition will be announced in January.

Senior Piano (4 entrants)
Winner: Grace Tubbs, student of Karen Taylor
Alternate: Trinity Le, student of Robert Palmer
Honorable mention: Ethan Watts, student if E. J. Choe
Honorable mention: Richard Wu, student of Karen Taylor

Senior Woodwind (2 entrants)
Winner: Brandon Trent, saxophone, student of Otis Murphy
Alternate: Alonzo Barrett, saxophone, student of Otis Murphy

Young Artist Piano (14 entrants)
Winner: Marc Levesque, student of Roberto Plano, Indiana University
Alternate: Charlotte Tang, student of Roberto Plano, Indiana University
Honorable mention: Nicha Stapanukul, student of Norman Krieger, Indiana University
Honorable mention: Ye Eun Park, student of Roberto Plano, Indiana University

Young Artist Strings (2 entrants)
Winner: Emily Leung, violin, student of Mauricio Fuks
Alternate: Janell Preheim, violin, student of Solomia Soroka

Young Artist Woodwind (3 entrants)
Winner: Wesley Taylor, saxophone, student of Otis Murphy, Indiana University
Alternate: Marley Proffitt, saxophone, student of Otis Murphy, Indiana University
Honorable mention: Shuen-An Tzuo, saxophone, student of Otis Murphy, Indiana University

We wish the best of luck to our Representatives!

Darren Li, violin, student of Laura Andrews – Junior Strings
Meagan Hipsky, cello, student of Sarah Kim – Senior Strings
Aidan Feeney, student of Jennifer Feeney – Senior Composition
Jacob Zaring, student of Caroline Ahn, Anderson University – Young Artist Composition
Stephen Stachofcky, baritone, student of Samuel Savage, Purdue University-Fort Wayne – Young Artist Voice

Many thanks to our judges:

Senior Piano: Dr. Phoenix Park-Kim, Indiana Wesleyan University
Young Artist Piano: Dr. Diana Dumlavwalla, The Florida State University
—–: Dr. Richard Ratliff, The University of Indianapolis
—–: Dr. Reginald Rogers, Anderson University, emeritus
Young Artist Strings: Prof. Anna Vayman, Ball State University
Senior and Young Artist Woodwind: Dr. Heidi Radtke, Butler University

As always, thanks to our Junior and Senior Coordinators, Leon Harshenin and Hamilton Tescarollo, for all of their hard work.

Dr. Lori Rhoden Awarded IMTA Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is a very special award that is given at the discretion of the IMTA State President and presented on rare occasions to recognize outstanding service to IMTA. Recipients receive a plaque, a lifetime waiver of state dues, and will be featured in a post on the IMTA Website.

Dr. Lori Rhoden was awarded the Distinguished Service Award this past weekend at the IMTA State Conference.

Dr. Rhoden has been a member of MTNA since 1993 and of Indiana MTA since 1999. Prior to coming to Indiana, she was a member of Georgia and South Georgia MTA’s. She first started on the state board as Editor of the Indiana Music Teacher Newsletter (yes, the PRINT edition of the newsletter) and served in that role from 1999-2004. In 2001 she started the Ball State Collegiate Chapter – and in 2002 she became the Collegiate Chapters chair – both positions of which she still holds to this day.

In 2004 she served a three-year term as state President and, as is the process, was a trustee following for an additional six years.

Rhoden has always been a strong advocate for this organization. Not only has she encouraged many graduate students and helped them see the value of being an active part of the organization, but she has advocated for and perhaps even “bugged” many University faculty trying to get more collegiate chapters going in the state.

Dr. Rhoden is a tenured professor of Music Performance at Ball State University and regularly attends and presents at both National and State Conferences. Not only does she impact students at Ball State, but since 2002, she has been part of the piano faculty at the summer international MasterWorks Festival and has been the Piano Program Director for MasterWorks since 2006.

This year marks 20 years of service that Lori has given to IMTA. She has been and is still a highly valued part of the Indiana Music Teachers Association Board of Directors.

Former recipients include Jack Eaton (1995), Verna Abe, Carolyn Hertzler, and Karen Thickstun (2002), Juliana Lockman (2005), Margaret Roby (2014), and Douglas Sperry (2018)

Pictured below from left to right is Douglas Sperry (2018), Karen Thickstun (2002), Lori Rhoden (2019), Juliana Lockman (2005), and Margy Roby (2014).

Have You Ever Wondered…

Have you ever wondered any of the following?

  • What you would do if your studio was struck by a national disaster?
  • Where you could find money to pay for music lessons for yourself?
  • How you could afford to attend an MTNA national conference?
  • How your area could launch a community program aimed at bringing music lessons to those in need?

The answer is the MTNA Foundation. The Foundation funds numerous programs that help members by enriching their professional lives, help communities through musical engagement,  recognize high achievement in the profession, and help teachers afflicted by disaster to get back on their feet.

So, when you donate, know that you are contributing to many funds that work to sustain a high level of music-making in the United States. Chances are you have already benefited from the MTNA Foundation, or will in the future, be able to benefit from its funds. For more information, click the “Donate” button, and read about the many places where your money can go to help others in the profession.

For questions regarding the MTNA Foundation Fund, please contact IMTA’s Foundation Fund Chair, Janet Palmberg janet.palmberg@indstate.edu.

2020 Hoosier Auditions District Information

Important Update:


Due to several campus closures leading to an increasing number of audition cancellations across the state, all district auditions are hereby cancelled. The State Competition scheduled for May 9th is also cancelled.

We understand that these cancellations will no doubt result in disappointments and inconveniences for everyone.  However, recommendations and guidelines published by the Indiana State Department of Health strongly encourages social distancing, and avoidance of all forms of non-essential travel.  Your safety and well-being is our top priority, and we hope you will give us some grace for the difficult decision we have had to make.

I wanted to thank you for continuing to make Hoosier Auditions such an exciting and enriching musical experience year after year.  We look forward to hearing your beautiful performances next year.


Daniel Lin
Hoosier Auditions Coordinator

Registration is Now Open for the 2019 State Conference!

We are pleased to announce that registration is now OPEN for the 2019 IMTA State Conference!

Visit the conference page to register and to view all the information you need for the conference including:

  • Hotels and Parking (it has been recommended attendees book early as hotels are busy that weekend!
  • Schedule
  • Featured guest artists:
    • Drew Peterson, Concert Artist
    • Meagan Johnson, Alexander Technique
    • Benjamin Dean Taylor, Commissioned Composer

Options are available for both online and check payments.