2017 Hoosier Auditions State Results

The Indiana Music Teachers Association is pleased to announce the winners of the Hoosier Auditions State Round, held at Butler University Saturday, May 13. Butler was home to a total of 70 students, competing in Piano solo, Piano Duet, Strings, Classical Guitar, Voice, and Winds. All in all, it was a very exciting day, filled with wonderful music making. I would personally like to thank all of the volunteers who helped make the day a success. The winners will be invited to perform at IMTA’s annual conference in September, being held at Indiana Wesleyan University this year. Be sure to check the IMTA website www.indmta.org for information regarding Hoosier Auditions in 2018.
IMTA extends many thanks to this year’s esteemed panel of adjudicators, Senior, Collegiate and Junior Piano Solo, Dr. Lori Rhoden (Ball State University); Middle, Elementary and Early Elementary Piano Solo, plus all Piano Duet Categories, Dr. Rebecca Sorley (University of Indianapolis); All Voice categories, Thaddaeus Bourne (Butler University); All Winds categories, Cathryn Gross (Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra). IMTA also wishes to extend gratitude towards this year’s awards sponsors Piano Solutions (All Piano Solo awards), the Butler Community Arts School (All Piano Duet awards), Indianapolis Violins (Senior Strings Award), Frank’s Violins (Middle Strings Award) & Arthur’s Music (Senior Classical Guitar Award).
Early Elementary Piano Duet
Winners: Evan Li & Erica Zhao, students of Natalia Rachford
Alternates: Crystal Wang & Judy Bai, students of Lai Ping Jean Ho
Elementary Piano Duet
Winners: Angela Peng & Julia Peng, students of Natalia Rachford
Alternates: Jenny Li & Christine Liu, students of Lai Ping Jean Ho
Middle Piano Duet
Winners: Michah Young & Grace Yang, students of Ada Shebanova
Alternates: Peter Yacoub & Laura Rong, students of Dilya Meehan
Honorable Mention: Elsa Lund & Christa Scofield, students of Dr. Luke Norell & Dr. Mary Rose Norell
Junior Piano Duet
Winner: Sam Hyde & Grace Estep, students of Nadya Dubikovsky
Alternate: Priscilla Liu & Anna Lin, students of Lai Ping Jean Ho
Collegiate Piano Duet
Winner: Edith Coplin & Rachel Hong, students of Dr. Phoenix Park-Kim
Early Elementary Strings
Winner: Joyce Chen, student of Yon Joo Lee
Alternate: Danica Jebo, student of Tamara Ringas
Elementary Strings
Winner: Jack Ma, student of Margot Marlatt
Middle Strings
Winner: Abigail Ko, student of Mimi Zweig
Junior Strings
Winner: Isabelle Knowles, student of Yon Joo Lee
Senior Strings
Winner: Lily Kostraba, student of Allison Edberg Nyquist
Alternate: Jared Huber, student of Tamara Ringas
Senior Classical Guitar
Winner: Michael Bremer, student of Dr. Andrew Rhinehart
Middle Voice
Winner: Landen Blanford, student of Andrea Drury
Senior Voice
Winner: Lauren Harpole, student of Andrea Drury
Alternate: Cecilia Horner, student of Kathleen Keasey
Early Elementary Piano
Winner: Isaac Qian, student of Irina Gorin
Alternate: Benjamin Sellers, student of Margaret Roby
Honorable Mention: Albert Lu, student of Linda Belleville
Elementary Piano
Winner: Felix Zhang, student of Melissa Luan
Alternate: Chloe Park, student of Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo
Honorable Mention: Aksedep Adilet-Sultan, student of Irina Gorin
Middle Piano
Winner: Risa Kunitake, student of Dr. Karen Taylor
Alternate: Rachel Yuan, student of Linda Belleville
Honorable Mention: Cade Neely, student of Grace Hemaida
Junior Piano
Winner: William Mayhew, student of Margaret Roby
Alternate: Peter Yang, student of Patricia Collins Jones
Honorable Mention: Tristan Galeon, student of Daniel Lin
Senior Piano
Winner: Cecilia Horner, student of Kathleen Keasey
Alternate: Sage Hamm, student of Dr. Galit Gertsenzon
Honorable Mention: Hannah Walker, student of Nancy Crump
Collegiate Piano
Winner: Andrew Nesler, student of Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo
Alternate: Carol Weirich, student of Dr. Kate Boyd
Honorable Mention: Alexander Reid Himelick, student of Dr. Reginald Rodgers
Collegiate Winds
Winner: Gabriella Gervasio, student of Elizabeth Crawford

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