2018 Hoosier Auditions – District D

Congratulations to all winners of the District D Hoosier auditions. There were a total of 12 performers in this event. A special thank you to District Chair, Reginald Rodgers.

Middle Piano
Winner: Vedika Garg
Teacher: Christina Whitlock

Junior Piano
Winner: Sai Hamm
Teacher: Galit Gertsenzon Fromm

Alternate: Alton Jackson
Teacher: Christina Whitlock

Senior Piano
Winner: Tristan Galeon
Teacher: Daniel Lin

Alternate: Joshua Ford
Teacher: Christina Whitlock

Honorable Mention: Reagan Martin
Teacher: Christina Whitlock

College Piano
Winner: Abbey Smith
Teacher: Randall Frieling

Alternate: Jonathan Kroll
Teacher: Phoenix Park-Kim

Honorable Mention: Brenna Green
Teacher: Reginald Rodgers

College Woodwinds
Winner: Rachel Jordan
Teacher: Elizabeth Crawford

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