IMTA honors Mimi Zweig as 2011 Teacher of the Year

This year’s IMTA teacher of the year has a long history of exceptional teaching that draws many students from far and wide to experience a phenomenal teacher who is truly devoted to students.  A fabulous teacher with a reputation for extremely high demands of students, this person has boundless energy for teaching extra lessons, arranging for performance opportunities for her students, and seeking out funding for special events.
This person is equally at home coaching beginning students as well as more advanced students who have gone on to have significant careers in music. SHE has been described by colleagues as an amazing pedagogue who possesses a comprehensive understanding of the human body and its relationship to the instrument.  She is not only a superb teacher of technique, but she also understands the emotional, inner meanings of the music and conveys this information to her students in remarkable ways.  Her ability to inspire and motivate children of all ages, and her musical depth and creativity are amazing.  She works tirelessly to help students reach that next level, never giving up on a single child.  Her “non-judgmental” philosophy – where mistakes are information and all problems can be resolved through careful analysis and correct repetition – has assisted multiple generations of students through the process of learning the VIOLIN.
Despite this person’s extraordinarily busy duties teaching at a highly respected premier school of music, this teacher has found time to be a member of IMTA for almost 20 years. She is known as a lifelong learner and a teacher’s teacher, always willing to share her expertise with anyone who wishes to observe her teaching. A parent of a former student describes her as someone who is a great cook who loves to throw parties and host guests in her home.
She is a former member of the American Symphony Orchestra, Syracuse Orchestra, Piedmont Chamber Orchestra, and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, and has participated in the development of string programs for children at the North Carolina School of the Arts, the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, and the String Academy of Wisconsin at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.  Now she makes her home right here in Bloomington, Indiana as the director of the Pre-college strings program at Indiana University.   Please join me in congratulating the 2011 IMTA Teacher of the Year – Mimi Zweig.
Editor’s note: this was a speech read at the 2011 IMTA Conference. Our tradition is to slowly reveal the recipient throughout the presentation.

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