Indy Teacher Groups to Welcome Dr. Paul Wirth

Dear Piano Teachers,

Indiana Piano Teachers Guild, Indianapolis Piano Teachers Association, Greater Indianapolis Music Teachers Association and the University of Indianapolis will welcome Dr. Paul Wirth to Indianapolis on FriSat, March 2-3, 2018 at University of Indianapolis.
Dr. Wirth has many irons in the fire. His first love though is the Wirth Center for the Performing Arts in St. Cloud, MN., founded in 1981. He released the first GRAVI DVD in 2007. It was just put on YouTube in 2018. You and your students can watch it here.
This is the explanation of the GRAVI DVD recording on YouTube:
“With 26 years (at the time of release) of experience teaching young artists at the pre-college level, Dr. Paul Wirth first explains, and then demonstrates the teaching of his successful “Gravity Based Technique.” Clearly, and in great detail his step-by-step method of teaching students the art of piano technique is revealed in this 90 minute DVD. Joined by 8-year-old student Serena Lu, the joy of technique is evident throughout the teaching demonstration, as advanced concepts – “the single most important skills any pianist can learn” – are applied to the pre-college age group.”
The following Testimonials are taken from Dr. Wirth’s website. He has given workshops all over the world, including MTNA’s National Conventions. He is a wonderful speaker.


“After seeing your last presentation, the technical ideas, and the ways you motivate your students re-energized my teaching. My students are playing more freely and with better dynamic control, and it has been exciting for us all! Thank you so much for your insight and willingness to share it with others….”
–Nancy Bachus
Pianist, Teacher, Editor and author of the Alfred “Spirit” Series
“Paul Wirth’s exceptional results with his students are well documented by their outstanding achievements in competitions, auditions, solo recitals, and orchestral appearances. At the 2007 National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy, Dr. Wirth’s two presentations of gravity-based technique brought enthusiastic response from the audience. This GRAVI-DVD was made primarily in preparation for those presentations. Dr. Wirth’s logical approach and his well-articulated explanations render these concepts easily understandable and most helpful to all piano teachers. The examples of student performances are highly impressive.”
–Marvin Blickenstaff
The Frances Clark Center for Keyboard Pedagogy
“I just can’t be complimentary enough about it.  It’s lucid as can be, it’s convincing, it’s beautifully constructed, there isn’t one wasted word, and the demonstrations all along the way are just excellent …. Paul Wirth is masterful, and the perfect person to be putting this pedagogy down into a concrete form. I also think that someone can actually learn to do this method by watching the DVD.  I never thought that it would be possible without a lot of close, careful, personal training – but the Gravi-DVD is so clear and logical and appealing, that I’ve changed my mind.”
–Hans Boepple
Pianist/Teacher of Young Artists, Santa Clara University, CA


9:45 Arrive and check-in
10:00 The Gravi DVD Part one
11:45 Break
12:00 College Masterclass
1:30 Lunch
3:00 The Gravi DVD Part two
5:00 Finish for the day
5:30 Dinner with Dr. Wirth (Contact Natalie Todd at )
9:45 Arrive
10:00 The Lesson Notebook: A book to Judge by its Cover
12:00 Lunch
1:30   Preparing students for Recitals and Competitions
3:00   Break and Set up for masterclass
3:15-4:15 First Intermediate Masterclass
4:15-4:30 Break and pictures
4:30-5:30 Second Intermediate Masterclass
5:30-5:45 Picture
5:45 Finish
Dr. Paul Wirth’s information:
Pianist/Teacher of Young Artists
Artistic Director and Co-Founder: Wirth Center for the Performing Arts 
Artist in Residence, University of Northwestern, Roseville, MN
We hope you can come and join us. All teachers and students who want to come for an incredible day of discovery and learning are welcome to attend!  For questions, contact Sally Eppert or 317-507-3171 or Natalie Todd.

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