2023 Hoosier Auditions – State Round Results

The Indiana Music Teachers Association would like to congratulate the following students and teachers for their outstanding achievements at this year’s Hoosier Auditions State Competition. Congratulations to all who have participated, and we will see you next year!

Piano Solo: Pre-Early Elementary   
Winner: Jerry Zhang; Student of Irina Gorin 
Alternate: Julia Luo; Student of Linda Belleville  
Honorable Mention: Moiraey Bair; Student of Jennifer Keeley 
Honorable Mention: Chloe Jiyou Shin; Student of Hwa Pyeong Kim  

Piano Solo: Early Elementary   
Winner: Mae O’Brien; Student of Patricia Collins Jones  
Alternate: Sheeyoon Seo; Student of Sylvia Eunhee Seok 
Alternate: Emily Sun; Student of Soo Ah Yang 
Alternate: Katherine Xia; Student of Karina Cohen  
Honorable Mention: Angela Han; Student of Galit Gertsenzon  
Honorable Mention: Kaihao Yuan; Student of Galit Gertsenzon  
Honorable Mention: Angela Xiao; Student of Sylvia Eunhee Seok 

Piano Solo: Elementary  
Winner: Sana Torii; Student of Karen Taylor  
Alternate: Zoe Cha; Student of Robert Palmer 
Honorable Mention: Caroline Song; Student of Galit Gertsenzon  
Honorable Mention: Chloe Hu; Student of Dilya Meehan 
Honorable Mention: Lucille Hu; Student of Dilya Meehan  
Honorable Mention: Sydney Weaver; Student of Nadya Dubikovsky 
Honorable Mention: Chloe Zhang; Student of Sylvia Eunhee Seok  

Piano Solo: Middle  
Winner: Glenda Na; Student of Ada Shebanova   
Alternate: Andrew Lee; Student of Robert Palmer 
Honorable Mention: Tara Kim; Student of Minju Choi Witte   
Honorable Mention: Jude Neely; Student of Grace Hemaida  
Honorable Mention: Blythe Burdick; Student of Janet Palmberg  

Piano Solo: Junior 
Winner: Edward Ng; Student of Hamilton Tescarollo  
Alternate: Kenny Wang; Student of Hamilton Tescarollo  
Honorable Mention: Han Yan; Student of Karen Taylor/Tony Weinstein  

Piano Solo: Senior  
Winner: Jack Ma; Student of Phoenix Park-Kim 
Alternate: Arjun Siderys; Student of Robert Palmer 
Honorable Mention: Gabriel Ackerman; Student of Jonathan Young 
Honorable Mention: Micah Young; Student of Robert Palmer  

Piano Solo: Collegiate 
Winner: Naomi Martin; Student of James Helton  
Alternate: Christian Urizar; Student of Hamilton Tescarollo 

Piano Duet: Early Elementary   
Winners: Audrey Zhang & Emily Wang; Students of Svetlana Soleimani   

Strings: Early Elementary  
Winner: Yeyoung Ahn; Student of Regan Eckstein  

Strings: Elementary 
Winner: Ray Li; Student of Caroline Kim  
Alternate: Tevyn Watson; Student of Caroline Kim  
Honorable Mention: Xinlei Zhou; Student of Caroline Kim 

Strings: Middle  
Winner: Monique Cho; Student of Allison Nyquist  
Alternate: Hayune Jun; Student of Regan Eckstein  
Honorable Mention: Ryan Woo; Student of Regan Eckstein 

Strings: Junior 
Winner: Marco Tindel; Student of Eric Edberg  
Alternate: Elaine Zeng; Student of Megan Moon 

Strings: Senior 
Winner: William Fei; Student of Amy Brandfonbrener  
Alternate: Yarielis Zayas; Student of Karen Isaacs   
Honorable Mention: Joseph Yu; Student of Eric Edberg  

Strings: Collegiate  
Winner: Benjamin Chappell; Student of Caroline Kim  

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