2010 Ensemble Concert News

The 2010 IMTA Ensemble Concert “Holiday Musical” was presented at Beech Grove High School on November 13.  Student pianists, teachers, parents, grandparents and alums came  together to create a memorable concert. 156 players participated in groups at every level of accomplishment. The largest group of 44 players at 22 keyboards played “The Most  Wonderful Day of the Year.”  For those who prepared the students it truly was the most wonderful day of our ensemble year.  After months of preparation the music came to life under  the direction of Dr. Stephen Reen.  Dr. Reen  offered musical challenges to the pianists thanks to the excellent preparation of their teachers.  In addition to the musical challenges his leadership taught the students stage and audience etiquette.  As the students took the stage and exited IMTA member Charis Vander Plaats offered narration about each piece about to  be performed.  Charis is a veteran of ensemble concerts dating back to the early 1990’s.   She now has a private studio of over 30 students in Romeny, Indiana. Perhaps she is a  testimony to what this event means to our students.
Special thanks are in order to Scott Bradford at Beech Grove High School for his help in making the concert possible and to his students who decorated the stage for our concert, to Piano Solutions for the 22 instruments on stage,  to the teachers who prepared students and participated in the concerts and to IMTA for being IMTA.

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