Hoosier Auditions State Winners 2019

Hoosier Auditions and IMTA would like to congratulate the following students for their fabulous performances at the 2019 State Competition.  Thanks to all who participated!


Elementary Piano
Winner: Jessica Flowers – Student of Beverly and Sylvia Scott
Alternate: Elaine Zeng – Student of Nadya Dubikovsky

Early Elementary Piano 
Winner: Albert Lu – Student of Linda Belleville
Alternate: Andrew Lee – Student of Svetlana Soleimani

Middle Piano
Winner: Micah Young  – Student of Ada Shebanova
Alternate: Eugene Zhang – Student of Nadya Dubikovsky
Honorable Mention: Jayden Wang – Student of Linda Belleville

Junior Piano
Winner: Rachel Yuan – Student of Linda Belleville
Alternate: Cade Neely – Student of Grace Hemaida
Honorable Mention: Rachel Wu  – Student of Dr. Karen Taylor
Honorable Mention: Lily Shen – Student of Aleksey Madan

Senior Piano
Winner: Madison Weiss – Student of Dr. Phoenix Park-Kim
Alternate: Sage Hamm – Student of Dr. Robert Palmer
Honorable Mention: Christina Shi – Student of Nadya Dubikovskyi
Honorable Mention: Joe Coman – Student of Anthony Beer

Collegiate Piano
Winner: Jonathan Kroll – Student of Dr. Phoenix Park-Kim
Alternate: Allyn Beifus – Student of Dr. Hamilton Tescarollo

Early Elementary Piano Duet
Winners: Audrey Zhang & Olivia Zhou – Students of Svetlana Solemani
Alternates: Andrew Weng & Ochro Angar – Students of Lai Ping Jean Ho

Elementary Piano Duet
Winners: Joyce Chen Ni & Jamie Chen Ni – Students of Natalia Rachford
Alternates: Ethan Zhang & Gavin Ruan – Students of Aleksey Madan

Junior Piano Duet
Winners: Kyle Tong & Daniel Slipchenko – Students of Aleksey Madan

Senior Piano Duet
Winners: Anna Lin & Michelle Zheng – Students of Lai Ping Jean Ho

Junior Voice
Winner: Abigail Peltier – Student of Stephanie Deckard & Leslie Peltier

Middle Winds
Winner: Josie Peltier  – Student of Jan Applegate & Leslie Peltier

Early Elementary Strings
Winner: Hayune Jun – Student of Regan Eckstein
Alternate: Luna Rubio – Student of Dr. Rosalyn Troiano

Elementary Strings
Winner: Amyrah Tovar – Student of Dr. Rosalyn Troiano
Honorable Mention: Hajean Jun – Student of Leslie Peltier

Middle Strings
Winner: Haseung Jun – Student of Regan Eckstein
Honorable Mention: Theresa Fussner – Student of Dr. Rosalyn Troiano

Junior Strings
Winner: Niya Koh  – Student of Sara Wollan

Senior Strings
Winner: Samantha Sudhoff  – Student of Leslie Peltier

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