Indiana Music Teacher newsletter now online

The Indiana Music Teacher, the official newsletter of the Indiana Music Teachers Association, is now fully online!
Transitioning from print to online format does not change the quality of the newsletter; in fact, you now have access to IMTA news in a timelier and frequent fashion. Just as soon as news is available, it will be posted here. Please note, because this is our first newsletter, it only has the most recent news available, and so only a few articles are available. Over time, it will become a substantial resource of information about our thriving and vibrant organization. If you have questions or concerns about the newsletter, please let us know.
This is the featured area of the newsletter. Click on the title to read the full article.
Here is a quick guide to navigating this new online format. As shown above, featured articles will display along with a photo at the top of the page – five features will always cycle through the top of the page. This gives you quick access to featured content.
This is the drop-down list of categories – selecting a category takes you to all the news articles about that topic. Just above is the RSS feed button.
Looking for a particular topic such as Certification or Local Association News? Select that topic from the Categories list on the right hand side of the page. In the example to the right, all currently available categories are showing. Clicking on “MTNA Composition Contest” will bring you to the two articles written about the MTNA Composition Contest. Again, please note that because this is our first issue, the number of news articles is relatively small.  Over time, we will build out the newsletter and bring you news as it happens – no waiting for the IMT in your mailbox anymore!
Advanced users are encouraged to use the RSS feed to have new posts automatically delivered to a chosen email box or feed reader. Read more about RSS feeds in the Technology category.
All the articles will appear in the order published in the main body of the page. Simply clicking on the title of an article will take you to the content; click the HOME button at the top left side of the page to return to the main index of the newsletter.
Want to see all available categories in a single list? At the bottom left column of the page, the Categories area lists all categories for which articles have been written. As we get more articles written, this list will expand and give you one click access to news about our entire organization.
All categories for which an article has been posted appears at the bottom left of the page. Clicking on any category link takes you to all the articles written in that particular category. To the right are the list of recent articles, and the Archive will allow you to browse posts by month.
This is a significant accomplishment – we are perhaps the first State Association to have a fully online newsletter that leverages interactive and multimedia technology. Stay tuned for more news from the association!

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