President's Message, Spring 2011

Greetings Colleagues,
Thanks go to Julianne Miranda, our new IMT Newsletter Editor, for initiating our foray into the first edition of the Indiana Music Teacher online!  You may remember that Julianne led us in the development of our website and she has done it again with our newsletter.  Not only was Julianne a president of IMTA from 2001 to 2004, but she has continued to play a large role in the technology area for IMTA and is returning as chair of Technology Development – I am excited to see what she has in store for our next conference.  Please give a big THANK YOU to Julianne for her continued support of IMTA.
The 2010 Conference was a big success at Wabash College and a warm thank you goes to Cheryl Everett and her committee members for all of their work.  In response to the previous year’s survey, two sessions were presented concurrently during each hour of the conference.  The response for this was positive and next conference will continue with this.  The 2011 Conference Session Call will go online in the next few weeks, so please submit your ideas.
The IMTA Keyboard Ensemble Recital, held last November at Beech Grove High School, organized by Cheryl Everett was as huge success – Cheryl must have been upping the vitamins in undertaking two huge responsibilities for IMTA.  Stephen Reen, a group piano teacher in Columbus, Indiana, masterfully conducted the ensembles again this year.  The Keyboard Ensemble Recital is held biannually, so watch for news of this event in 2012.  If you have never put your students in this event, you might consider it as students thoroughly enjoy the ensemble experience.
The MTNA Conference is coming up March 26-30, 2011, in Milwaukee and I hope you will be able to attend.  In celebration of the Year of Collaborative Music, NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) will join MTNA to present pedagogical ideas in the collaborative area.  Of course there will also be many sessions on private studio teaching.  The exhibitor showcases highlighting new music publications and the huge exhibitor area are always a special draw for the conference.  Plus, Indiana MTA members will get together for dinner on Satufday evening, March 26, at a reasonably priced restaurant for great conversation and laughter.
The district rounds of the Hoosier Auditions are coming up this spring. As IMTA’s premier competitive event for students, the Hoosier Auditions can provide an excellent opportunity for your students to perform.  Information on this competition may be found in the IMTA Handbook and Directory or on our website under the menu heading Student Activities.
I can hardly wait to begin reading Beethoven the Pianist, a new biography by Tilman Skowroneck, and published by Cambridge University Press.  The cover states that Skowroneck’s research debunks some of the past anecdotes of Beethoven’s “rough” pianism to uncover the true development and decline of his pianism.  The sound ideal during Beethoven’s lifetime from the standpoint of the piano builder, the piano player, and stylistic considerations are also put forth in this book.
Best wishes for a beautiful spring!
Claudia Bossard

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