MTNA 2020 Indiana State MTNA Competition, Results Announcement

MTNA Competitions 2020

Dr. James Helton, Coordinator

Congratulations to the superb performers and composers in the 2020 MTNA Competitions! This year’s competitions were held online, with judges doing their work remotely during the two weeks between October 10 and 25.

JUNIOR STRINGS (3 entrants)
Winner: Serge Kalinovsky, student of Susan Moses
Alternate: Lily Sullivan, student of Grigory Kalinovsky
Honorable Mention: Miranda Isbitts, student of Mimi Zweig

SENIOR STRINGS (2 entrants)
Winner: Cooper Olsen, student of Mimi Zweig
Alternate: Abigail Ko, student of Mimi Zweig

JUNIOR PIANO (4 entrants)
Winner: Jessica Flowers, student of Christopher Weldon
Alternate: Jack Ma, student of Phoenix Park-Kim
Honorable Mentions in no particular order:
Alex Lu, student of Kana Mimaki
Charles Berryhill, student of Gayle Kowalchyk

Winner: Kaden Larson, Indiana University, student of Norman Krieger
Alternate: Prudence Poon, Indiana University, student of Roberto Plano
Honorable Mention: Robert Levinger, Indiana University, student of Roberto Plano
Honorable Mention: Marc Levesque, Indiana University, student of Roberto Plano

STATE REPRESENTATIVES (single entrants in their categories):
Junior Composition: Srikar Vaasan, student of Jessica Dorman
Senior Composition: Aidan Feeney, student of Jennifer Feeney
Senior Piano: Talinaiya Bao, student of Yerin Kim

Good luck to our winners and representatives at the East Central Division!!

Many thanks to our judges:

Dr. Peter Opie, Ball State University – Strings
Dr. Eleanor Trawick, Ball State University – Composition
Dr. Ellen Elder, The University of Southern Mississippi – Junior and Young Artist Piano
Dr. Kent Cook, Illinois Wesleyan University (emeritus) – Young Artist Piano
Dr. May Phang, DePauw University – Young Artist Piano

Many thanks to my fellow competition coordinators:

Leon Harshenin, Junior Performance Competitions
Hamilton Tescarollo, Senior Performance Competitions

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